Environmental Engineering

At Williams Engineering Canada, we specialize in creative solutions tailored to your environmental management needs. We provide a wide range of environmental management and engineering services including the identification, assessment, and mitigation of environmental risks and their potential impact on human health.

Our services range from finding solutions to your specific environmental concerns to establishing environmental due diligence and regulatory compliance and guidance for an existing site or a new development to providing recommendations for corporate sustainability programs.

Our projects encompass greenfield, brownfield, multi-family, commercial, and industrial sites, and we have worked extensively with environmental regulators to represent our clients’ interests within the objectives and the requirements of regulatory processes. We are proud to have all national financial institutions accept our reports.

We also have experience in risk assessment and modelling approaches to environmental concerns, and we can supervise and manage multi-faceted remediation techniques. In addition, our experts have design and implementation backgrounds with air quality issues.

Our environmental engineering services include the following:

  • Phase I: site history
  • Phase II: drilling or evacuation, sampling, and analysis
  • Spill assessment
  • Air, groundwater, soil, and vegetation monitoring
  • Environmental assessments for site closure
  • Screening level risk assessment/development of tier two guidelines
  • Phase III remediation
  • Identification and evaluation of remediation alternatives
  • Remediation project management
  • Post-remediation confirmatory assessment
  • Environmental management systems
  • Hazardous materials management strategies
  • Spill response plan preparation

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