Our dedication to innovative thinking keeps us striving for improved processes and seeking new technology to elevate our operations and the work we deliver. For years, the engineering industry has maintained the status quo, which has resulted in an actual decrease in the productivity of the building process.

At Williams we’re committed to utilizing the latest technology as a means of improvement. We recognized the need to create a more cohesive planning strategy that allows for smoother, clearer communication to simplify the working relationships of all parties involved in a project. To accomplish this, we strive to utilize Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) whenever possible, where the early integration of each invested party’s priorities ensures everyone is on the same page as the project moves forward.

We also utilize Building Information Models (BIM) to allow us to create a detailed and comprehensive understanding of all elements of our design. These models increase efficiency of the building process, reduce waste, and lessen the overall cost of building operations and maintenance. By creating a more robust picture of the building in operation we are able to proactively fix problems, strategically plan production, and suggest innovative solutions.

Internally, to achieve equally streamlined operations, we use a comprehensive project management system. It integrates our resources, client schedule, and project scope and budget to create an easy to understand action plan. By taking into consideration all our resources we are able to source support from across offices, making the most efficient use of our strengths. This also gives clarity to the impact each individual is having on the project with clear roles and responsibility.

This dedication to innovative technology ensures we are always able to offer smart, innovative solutions to our clients.