Structural Engineering

Williams Engineering Canada’s structural design team is committed to providing innovative and cost effective structural design solutions for our clients. We bring to the project team our expertise in structural engineering, versatile technical expertise, and a responsive approach to help our clients achieve their goals and vision.

Our structural group services projects in all sectors of activity. Our integrated design approach coupled with building information modeling capabilities are just two of the value added items our clients receive with our services. We incorporate both conventional and new construction materials in our projects.

Our engineers ensure that the structural systems, employed to facilitate the construction and/or renovation of any structure, take into account long-term usage and the ability to adapt to suit the end user’s requirements. We take locally available construction materials, the labour force, and available resources into consideration to ensure that once a facility is constructed minimal effort is required to maintain that facility.

Williams Engineering Canada’s integrated design approach coupled with Building Information Modelling techniques provide added value to our services.


Our structural engineering services include the following:

  • Composite structures
  • Elevated structural floor systems
  • Exterior canopies/parapets/features
  • Floors (grade-supported or structural)
  • Foundation designs for buildings, tanks, and silos
  • Grade beams
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Loading docks/ramps
  • New building designs
  • Piling/footings
  • Pre-engineered building system designs
  • Retaining walls
  • REVIT structural drawings, models, and records
  • Roof framing
  • Seismic strengthening
  • Structural analysis
  • Structural damage assessment for existing structures
  • Structural designs for new commercial, industrial, and residential developments
  • Walls
  • Wind turbine foundations

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