Our Purpose

To brighten the lives of people in our communities by engineering sustainable cities that are safe, inclusive and resilient.

Who we are

Williams Engineering Canada is a collection of leaders and professionals in engineering who are dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative solutions for our clients. With offices across Western and Northern Canada, we operate everywhere from local markets to the most remote regions of the world.

We believe in the value of shared knowledge. Our teams of experts are well-informed and up-to-date on the latest technologies, which allows us to elevate the level of our work. On every project, we draw from our wide-ranging expertise and experience to create and deliver inspired solutions.

Whether a project is large or small, in its earliest stages or nearing completion, our team is invested and determined to deliver the best solutions. We understand the level of pride that comes with ownership; therefore we always take stewardship of the success of all of our client’s projects.

What we do

We provide consulting engineering services for new construction projects and existing buildings in three sectors—property; social infrastructure; and energy, resources, and industry —while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

We offer engineering consultation and design in:

  • building science
  • electrical engineering
  • structural engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • sustainability consulting
  • project management

For more details, please visit our Expertise page.


We take stewardship of every project.

This level of dedication and care distinguishes our work and strengthens our client relationships. We engage our clients by listening to their needs, asking the right questions, and then working together to determine the best solution. We provide exceptional service by establishing effective communication throughout the duration of any project. We bring depth, innovation, sophistication, and engagement to everything we do.

We are informed and informing by keeping up with the latest technologies and developments.

Our team is committed to incorporating valuable new technology in our work and staying current with new developments and trends in each of our disciplines. Thanks to the knowledge of our diverse experts across our regional offices, we deliver impactful, intelligent solutions for projects of any complexity and size.

It is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture that we let great engineers be great engineers.

We bring on experienced engineers who think independently and solve problems creatively. We give our outstanding team the space, support, and authority to make the right decisions and do exceptional work. Our engineers take pride in their work and continually build their expertise by growing and learning from each other. We ask the questions our clients haven’t yet, and our proactive teams deliver inspired, polished projects.

Own the outcome

Communicate, no matter what

Be agile

Enhance our teams

Live with purpose

Encourage diverse perspectives, create diverse solutions