Why We Exist

WE Brighten Lives

At Williams Engineering, our work impacts people’s lives. Knowing what we do reaches beyond a single project, we believe it’s not only our responsibility but our core purpose to engineer cities that are safe, inclusive and resilient.

We have aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 (UNSDG 11) to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. We are committed to engineering innovative strategies centred on brightening lives.

After decades of operating as a legacy engineering company, we did a deep dive into why we exist. How do we change lives with what we do? Why are we different? Through this journey, we realized that our team members’ collective energy, care and attention aren’t solely focused on designing a building or its components. Instead, it’s on every person who walks into a library, condominium, school or hospital and how they’re impacted today and in the future. We aim to provide everyone with an inclusive space to create an experience as positive as possible.

We believe it’s time to reimagine the legacy engineering companies leave behind. Rather than focusing on how things have always been done, we choose to concentrate on how the engineering services we provide and the strategies we develop today will help shape lives tomorrow. Committing to this belief and our desire for positive impact inspired our team to create a purpose that genuinely defines why we do what we do:

We have a simple, two-pronged approach that helps us live our purpose: creating a positive impact through our digital platform and championing inclusivity in everything we do.

Technology is evolving, as are people’s values, and that’s changed the way business is done. At Williams Engineering, we want to be at the forefront of change and bring others with us. A better world awaits, and we’re taking action to make that world a reality—sooner rather than later.

Core Values

We own our outcomes because we desire a better future. We hold ourselves accountable for our results and actions. We do what we say every time, everyday! In doing so, we are also responsible for the success of the entire company. We account for our actions, accept responsibility and maintain transparency with our communities. We keep track of our commitments and hold each other accountable for doing the same. We are responsible for our behavior at work as well as the quality of the work we produce for our clients. We are aware of the influence we have on others and strive to uphold the energy of our teams. We understand the goals and values of our company and take responsibility for any deviations from it.

We communicate everything because we aim to develop and enhance relationships. We value open and honest conversations with our colleagues and clients. We believe communication should move in all directions. We engage and listen so that we can understand each person’s point of view and strive to create equally rewarding solutions — this goes a long way in establishing trust. With strong communication, we can accomplish specific tasks, acclimatize to changes quickly, understand policies, procedures and regulations that support our operations and build relationships that are valued mutually.

We think quickly and act gracefully. We are open to change and willing to adapt. What some might see as challenges, we see as opportunities to grow and expand our knowledge and experience. We believe that continuous improvement and growth is a shared responsibility of everyone, and we can only transform quickly by being agile. We have the capacity to gracefully move over challenges and get things done. We think differently when it comes to improving scope, schedule and budget and applying new technologies or processes to everything we do.

Our team is everyone that we interact with, including our clients. Everything we do, every day, is with the intention of enhancing our team’s experience; whether reducing the workload of a teammate by sharing work across offices or by putting our people first, over every wish and whim of the client. We take a proactive stand for maintaining a healthy work-life balance by creating appropriate flexible opportunities. We support and encourage growth and development for everyone by creating opportunities and celebrating successes, big or small.

We believe that a great leader leads with a purpose bigger than oneself. Anyone who understands their higher purpose takes meaningful action and shows the way to others. At Williams, our purpose is to brighten lives. With a purpose in mind, we discover the road ahead and embark upon the journey. For all of us to win, we should be willing to provide mentorship, be respectful and empathize with our teammates.

At Williams Engineering, we know that diversity produces fresh ideas and disruptive thinking that broadens boundaries crucial for transformation. We offer equal opportunity to everyone, ensuring we connect with wider audiences to generate exciting ideas. We embrace the diverse perspectives of all people, appreciating everyone for who they are and their unique backgrounds. We actively promote diverse perspectives and encourage each other to learn from our differences. We use diverse ideas and approaches while engaging with people and recognize differences as an opportunity for learning and doing things differently.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Indigenous Relations

Community Engagement

We’re committed to making a positive impact in the communities that we’re a part of.