The Williams Group

We exist not as a sole entity but as a collection of companies that values the sum of a whole that can help support and accelerate change that positively impacts our communities while inspiring our people and those around us.

We see an opportunity to grow within the building’s infrastructure industry but also want to explore new opportunities. Our commitment to collaboration and technology, while leaning on the expertise of one another, enables our subsidiaries to provide our people and clients with a frictionless experience while meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

the williams group,infrastructure industry,collaboration,umbra engineering,DB technologies

Williams Engineering is committed to brightening lives. Williams Engineering is a collection of leaders and professionals in engineering who are dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative solutions.

The company provides consulting engineering services for new construction projects and existing buildings, mainly in Western and Northern Canada. Consulting engineering services include building science, electrical, mechanical, structural, and sustainability.

the williams group,infrastructure industry,collaboration,umbra engineering,DB technologies

Umbra Engineering specializes in life safety, security, fire detection and protection. Umbra Engineering provides design, engineering, and commissioning solutions in virtually every building sector, from highly secure facilities to hospitals, from shopping centres to airports, from mixed-use buildings to mines, and from universities to policing environments.

Using code excerpts, detailed explanations, and real-world examples, the team focuses on assisting their clients in making the best decisions to ensure that their facilities are designed and built to code. Umbra played an integral role in the development of the 2011 standard, Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems (CAN/ULC S1001-11). As such, the team is well-positioned to assist clients with upgrades and retrofits to ensure compliance, to commission buildings as the third-party Integrated Testing Coordinator (ITC), and to design new life safety, security, and fire protection systems to code. 

the williams group,infrastructure industry,collaboration,umbra engineering,DB technologies

DB Technologies is a technology company that uses customer data to optimize building operations. The company comprises a diverse, forward-thinking, and analytical team. DB Technologies employs technologies that provide their team members with the data to improve operating cost, asset value, operational effectiveness, and occupant experience. With the help of the DB Technologies approach, existing buildings can work better than they were initially designed to operate, and new projects can optimize efficiency from the start.