Dr. George Stanley Middle School Receives LEED® Gold Certification

October 31, 2019

Williams Engineering Canada is thrilled to announce that Dr. George Stanley Middle School in Calgary, Alberta, has been awarded LEED® Gold Certification!

Dr. George Stanley Middle School serves students from grades four to nine and has a capacity of 900 students. Their mission is to have students build a connection and relationship with their curriculum and learning techniques. The school offers an inclusive learning environment to create a diverse and united educational experience.

Williams Engineering Canada provided design and construction administration services for civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural disciplines. The mechanical design reflected the life cycle cost considerations, utility consumption costs, the use of local or Canadian products whenever possible, and two high-efficiency condensing type hot water heaters to help reduce water demand. The civil team completed an underground utility system for storm, sanitary, and water services. The structural scope entailed designs for pilings and footings, grade beams, and foundation walls.

In pursuit of the LEED® Gold accreditation, the WEC electrical team included a variety of LEED® and other sustainable design principles and qualifications, such as:

  • Digital lighting control, including occupancy sensor/daylight sensor/vacancy switch, was implemented to provide flexible control and energy savings.
  • Electrical meter provisions were in place to have a dedicated panel board feeding modular units so that metering of the modules could be achieved if required.
  • VOIP technology was used for the building’s telephone system.

You can see a full range of the energy and sustainable features of Dr. George Stanley Middle School here.

We are pleased to have contributed to the LEED® Gold Certification through the creation of a sustainable learning space. The Alberta government made a commitment to education, which has resulted in an influx of improved and newly created educational facilities. Williams Engineering Canada is grateful to have been part of the initiative, as education creates diverse perspectives which leads to diverse and innovative solutions. We look forward to taking part in the creation and design of more schools in the future.

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