Cachet at Heritage Valley

The Cachet at Heritage Valley is a six-storey wood frame rental building, that provides affordable living options on the southwest side of Edmonton. The multi-family building provides one and two bedroom luxury suites and offers a variety of floor plans. There are an array of amenities surrounding the area, creating a community full of desirable features.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided building science envelope consulting services for this project. The building science team performed a cursory review of the drawings and provided written comments, recommendations, material improvements/changes to indicate building envelope construction items that would require special attention, as well as monitoring and sequencing. The review of the building envelope system was included in the identification of thermal bridges, and the checking of drawings for the continuity of vapour, weather and air barrier systems as well as across transitions and interfaces of all components of the building envelope system.

During construction, WE conducted several site reviews and identified the deficiencies in the building envelope system. The site reports included photographs for additional clarification and markup details. Special attention was paid to the detailing of the air barrier, construction joints, tie-ins between various building envelope components, and workmanship. Throughout construction, problematic areas were identified at the initial stage to keep the construction costs within the budget. WE conducted mock-up reviews onsite with the contractor and sub-contractor for the constructability of the critical details and provided comments and recommendations in reports. The success of the project relied heavily on the timely site reviews and reported deficiencies in the building envelope, coupled with follow up reviews and a repair plan for the prescribed deficiencies.

Heritage Valley Station is the fastest growing neighbourhood in south Edmonton, and the first neighbourhood in Edmonton to construct a six-storey wood frame residential structure. Williams Engineering strives to continue to create impactful and innovative solutions for growing communities.