Edmonton Valley Zoo

Williams Engineering (WE) has been involved in many projects at the Edmonton Valley Zoo over the years.

The Arctic Shores Polar Extremes Exhibit, which opened to the public in March 2012, featured indoor and outdoor pools for seal and sea lion species and exhibits for arctic ground squirrels and arctic foxes in a replicated arctic landscape. The facility also included isolation tanks, interpretation areas, and keeper/veterinary facilities for the care of the animals.

The project, titled Nature’s Wild Backyard, is a child-friendly multi-zoned area which supports animal homes and habitats. WE provided mechanical and electrical schematic designs for animal habitats, animal care facilities, guest services, and other visitor amenities. The project included interactive displays, exhibits, the Parent’s Café, and a new area named Nature’s Wild Hospital, and different exhibits are themed around the forest, grassland, farm, and wetland critters.

WE provided mechanical and electrical services for the Reptile Exhibit renovation within the Saito Centre, which included six new reptile habitats, an updated visitor area, and three keeper areas to provide zoo staff with controlled access to the reptile habitats for cleaning and animal care.

Each exhibit at the Edmonton Valley Zoo requires special consideration—sometimes, it may be for the lighting, heating, and ventilation systems or a specialized water treatment system for example. Regardless of the challenges, the W team enjoys working with the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Valley Zoo to bring exciting new exhibits to Edmonton’s families.