First Place BC Housing

First Place supportive housing, located in Central Vancouver, was built to accommodate those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The cement building features 129 unit suites in a 60,000 ft2 space. There is below-grade parking, retail spaces, as well as spaces used for recreation and administrative purposes. The building received recognition for being LEED® Gold accredited and has a 560 ft2 solar collection area, as well as a 4500 ft2 green roof. The building is a participant in the Neighbourhood Energy Program (NEU) and utilized green building materials and finishes.

Targets of LEED® Gold and minimized carbon footprint were the drivers behind the mechanical design in this 10-storey building.  The mechanical systems include solar thermal (evacuated tubes), NEU thermal energy heating, fresh air supply with central exhaust heat recovery, in-suite hydronic radiant floor and low-flow plumbing fixtures. This approach provided a 40% reduction in both energy use and domestic water consumption.

This multi-purpose building is a welcomed addition to the downtown core and an invaluable step toward helping those most in need. Williams Engineering is proud to have worked on a project that not only betters our society but also our environment.