Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School

Located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School is a part of the Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) Regional Division No. 14 and provides education to more than 500 students. With the closure of Colchester School in 2013, EIPS was faced with providing accommodations for displaced students, and Fultonvale was expected to be the primary receiving school. Since Fultonvale was already operating close to capacity and with the facility being over 40 years old, EIPS felt an addition and modernization of the existing building was a necessary investment.

Williams Engineering worked closely with Alberta Education, Alberta Infrastructure and Elk Island Public School Division No. 14 to complete the phased modernization of the existing Fultonvale Elementary Junior High School. This included an addition of 1,156 m2 of core building space and the demolition of existing modular classroom units, which were replaced with new high-performance modular classroom units. Modelling was performed to ensure compliance with LEED® Certification under the MNECB1997 standard. Modelling was completed in eQuest, a modelling software which could provide multiple design options for the client. Once completed, the modernized school facility has a total permanent space of 4,959 m2 which can accommodate an enrollment of up to 700 students.

Fultonvale Elementary Junior High celebrated its grand re-opening in June 2017 after the school had been undergoing renovations since 2014. With renovations complete, the school now features remodelled innovative learning spaces, wider hallways and a full-size gymnasium, all equipped with modern electronics, including digital video projectors, digital cameras and SMART Boards.