Granite Townhomes Redstone

The Granite Townhomes in Redstone are a collection of 174 newly constructed townhome units in northeast Calgary. The community of Redstone is particularly unique as it is being designed to accommodate multiple generations of family in close spaces. The uniqueness of this community is demonstrated by providing units that feature two primary bedrooms.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided building envelope consulting engineering services for the construction of Granite. The total gross floor area spans roughly 199,122 square feet over 27 three-storey, wood-framed structures. The buildings are constructed in six- and twelve-unit townhome increments with single-car garages on the first level for 174 units. WE provided design reviews of the building envelope and roofing detail drawings provided by Gibbs Gage Architects. Building envelope and roofing system site reviews were completed by WE to observe the installation of these critical components. A Building Assessment Report (BAR) was prepared for each building upon completion of construction. WE provided the building envelope summaries for the BARs, which outlined the building systems and confirmed construction compliance with the approved architectural design, in addition to outlining reasons for any deviations from the design drawings.

The vision for families to have the opportunity of living close together while still having their own private areas has been brought to life with this townhome development. Residents will enjoy quality time with loved ones while taking advantage of the abundance of outdoor and indoor amenities that Redstone has to offer.