Live Well Exercise Clinic

As we age, staying physically fit is important to our overall health. Live Well Exercise Clinics are medical fitness clinics rather than a traditional gym. This means that members are focusing on staying healthy, as well as combating and managing health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. There are multiple locations in the lower mainland of BC (i.e. Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and New Westminster). Live Well Exercise Clinics have continued to expand to provide programs and a convenient environment to support their clients to become more active while making lasting changes to their health and lifestyle.

As engineering consultants on these projects, Williams Engineering (WE) continues to provide mechanical and electrical engineering services, which included performing major renovations on the existing buildings. A senior’s exercise clinic requires a sufficient ventilation load and precise air conditioning control to provide a comfortable environment for seniors. WE addressed these needs by adding ceiling fans to provide higher air circulation and added air conditioning thermostats in the respective areas to provide thermal comfort.

The exercise clinics are in an existing building, which causes its occupancy load to be higher than in a typical office. In certain locations, the existing building system was not sufficient for serving the new occupancy load of the clinic. This challenge was overcome by adding new ventilation systems to meet the required occupancy load according to ASHRAE 62.1 (ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality standard).

Overall, the projects have been successful due to proactive and open communication. By keeping the channels of communication open and clear, WE was enabled to understand the client’s perspective and deliver the project on time. A unique aspect of the Live Well Exercise Clinic’s is that the stakeholders are seniors, unlike other exercise facilities. As well it is a multi-location project, and WE is expected to deliver consistent design between multiple locations.

Seniors all over the lower mainland have a resource to better their physical health and be given tools to live a healthier lifestyle. Williams Engineering is grateful to have contributed to a portion of the betterment of British Colombia’s seniors’ community.