Lois Hole Library

Lois Hole Library is an important milestone in community development and sustainable design in Edmonton and is a tribute to the memory of former Lieutenant Governor Lois Hole. Mechanical and electrical design services were supplied by Williams Engineering (WE) for this $10 million, 25,238 square foot building, designed by BR2 Architecture.

The facility provides improved learning opportunities while employing sustainable technologies to limit the environmental footprint of the building. Mechanical technologies include efficient in-slab radiant heating, a heat pipe heat exchange loop, low-flow and ultra low-flow fixtures, and a rainwater collection and grey water system that supplies urinals, water closets, and exterior hose bibbs.

Electrical designs include wireless internet access and Government of Alberta Supernet; T-8, T-5, and compact fluorescent lighting; photocell controls that maximize daylight use; occupancy sensors; and exterior lighting fitted with time clocks designed to minimize light spill to neighbouring areas.

The library also contains a number of integrated designs that serve to limit energy use even further. To control temperature in the building, a system of advanced electronics has been installed to vary temperature based on outdoor conditions and occupancy demands. The system also provides historical reviews, point trending/tracking, and dynamic analysis of control loops, all of which contribute to better control over temperature.

In addition, the electrical meter for the building has been tied into the mechanical and electrical automation system. As electrical usage rises beyond a predetermined level, the automation system begins to limit the operation of various devices throughout the building, balancing occupant comfort while limiting the library’s overall environmental footprint.