Nobel House, UBC

Nobel House is a six-storey residential wood-framed building containing 94 apartment units and underground parking to house the faculty and staff of the University of British Columbia (UBC). The residence is in Wesbrook Village directly in the hub of the university allowing residents to live conveniently near their work.

Williams Engineering Canada (WEC) provided mechanical schematic design, design development, building permit and construction documents. The building’s mechanical systems have gas-fired high-efficiency units for the radiant floor heating, hot water and corridor air ventilation. Ventilation to each unit is achieved by transfer ducts that have time-controlled exhaust fans that generate airflow from the corridor to the units. The building heating systems are designed for connection to the future district energy system at UBC.

The building will be applying for Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) Gold certification. Developed by UBC, REAP is a basis for mandating and measuring sustainable building practices and integrating these practices into the community planning and development approval processes of UBC’s Neighbourhood Housing Areas. REAP ensures that residential projects built in UBC’s Neighbourhood Housing Areas are of high quality, have low environmental impacts and benefit individual consumers and the community.