Norman Wells Building Condition Assessments

Established on the north side of the Mackenzie River, Norman Wells is a small town of roughly 780 people in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories and is home to the Norman Wells Metis. In 1985, an oil pipeline was completed from Norman Wells to Zama City, Alberta, and connected to the North American pipeline grid. This pipeline deemed Norman Wells as an important oil source and has resulted in a longstanding partnership between Imperial Oil and the Canadian government that still stands today.

Williams Engineering (WE) was selected by the Town of Norman Wells to conduct multi-disciplinary Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) on four recreational facilities: Norman Wells Pool, Curling Rink, Arena Fitness Centre and Community Hall. A visual review and walkthrough of each building’s systems was completed with significant attention to pre-determined deficiencies and areas of concern. WE then developed BCA reports that describe, technically assess and provide recommendations for the structural, mechanical, electrical and building envelope conditions present in each facility during the walkthrough. WE also conducted interviews with building managers and maintenance staff while on site to gain a better understanding of the operational and maintenance requirements of each facility. In addition to the BCA reports, WE identified and financially quantified the probable cost of the required repairs outlined in the reports for any major issues or systems that could significantly affect the property’s values or operations.

The diverse climate of the Northwest Territories impacts various components within a development’s structural, mechanical, electrical and building envelope systems. Temperature and moisture  changes such as freezing, thawing, storm events and rain or snowfall can cause extensive damage to a building’s exterior and interior. Assessing the building conditions when systems are nearing their end of service life or as deficiencies occur ensures these public facilities remain safe and fully operational  for the community of Norman Wells to enjoy.