Townline & Marshall Road Commercial Warehouse

Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical consulting engineering services for the construction of this 79,980 square foot industrial warehouse facility located in the Clearbrook Industrial Area of Abbotsford, British Columbia. The project included the design of a base-building shell suitable to be divided into up to six individual tenant spaces for future use. The facility features tilt-up concrete walls and steel trusses with a combination of a flat and canopy roof covering the exterior space. Included in the design is roughly 11,000 square feet of future tenant office space designed as shell space.

WE provided building permit and construction drawings, attended design meetings as required to coordinate the mechanical designs with the complete design team and provided construction administration services. The base-building heating and ventilation system design and distribution were provided by WE in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2010. The building’s heating system consists of gas fired radiant tube heaters that are suitably spaced for open warehouse occupancy in conjunction with general rooftop exhaust fans for ventilation. Warehouse areas are not air conditioned, however future, tenant supplied, rooftop unit locations have been coordinated for the future office space HVAC.

This warehouse was completed in 2019 and is currently available for lease. The building features 30-foot ceilings, dock and grade level loading and is fully sprinklered. With units available anywhere between 10,652 and 79,980 square feet in size, this facility will provide essential industrial space for several businesses and manufacturers.