University of Alberta Brain and Aging Research Building

Originally constructed in 1964, the University of Alberta Brain and Aging Research Building (BARB) is a multi-faculty facility with laboratory and research stations to promote the collaboration required for advanced solutions in medicine and environmental life studies. Included in the building is the University’s Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases. This Centre promotes critical research in biology, biophysics, neurology and several other areas of study.

Williams Engineering (WE) is currently providing mechanical consulting engineering services on this multi-phased design-bid-build project. Phase One of this project focused on a mechanical system renewal, including the replacement of the central air handling unit and distribution system for levels two and three of the facility. Phase two includes an upgrade to the existing second floor laboratory space and refit of the third floor. The two phases are being completed simultaneously to fit the project’s tight deadline as the procurement for the installation has a fixed date required by the University. A fan array has been incorporated into the new air handling unit to allow for reduced maintenance effort, improved redundancy, and reduction in overall energy costs.

WE’s experience working within the University’s unique design requirements and evolving program needs ensures the successful delivery of innovative mechanical design solutions for this project. With an optimally functional and sustainable mechanical system, the Brain and Aging Research Building will be able to provide an environment to adequately support the students and faculty at the University of Alberta.