Yellowknife Multiplex

Williams Engineering (WE) provided significant consulting services for the Yellowknife Multiplex, which houses a mixture of gymnasiums, gymnastics facilities, ice arenas, and shower rooms for each activity, totalling 9,523 square metres.

We performed environmental and geotechnical assessments, as well as structural, mechanical, and electrical design services and construction management. A variety of unique systems were employed to provide patrons with a comfortable and functional facility while saving energy and costs.

The mechanical systems include radiant floor heating in the change rooms, Zamboni rooms, and entrances, with propane-fired radiant heaters in the arena spectator areas and hydronic systems in the gyms. The arena ice plant uses an innovative heat recovery system for domestic hot water, snow melt, under slab heating, and radiant heating.

Our electrical staff specified state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting and electronic ballasts, with many of the light fixtures being vandal-resistant where they are subject to physical abuse. Motors were specified to be highly efficient wherever possible. Energy reduction measures also include automatic power factor correction and occupancy sensors that automatically shut off lights when a space is unoccupied.