ZEN Redstone Townhomes

Williams Engineering (WE) was retained by Avalon Master Builder to provide structural, mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services for 56 unit townhomes, located in the community of Redstone in Calgary, Alberta.

Avalon Master Builder is known for their innovative approach to residential construction and the ZEN Redstone Townhomes were no exception. The townhomes are constructed using premade stacked modular units, which allows for extremely efficient assembly. The modular units are inspected and have a ULC certificate prior to shipment, further accelerating the entire build process.

The modular townhomes are not only efficient to build but also sustainable in design. A unique HVAC system is installed, which requires no perimeter heating. This system utilizes a cost effective ducting system, providing a simpler install and has a quicker response to temperature change. The low energy input required, results in a reduced amount of gas and power.

This unique design did not come without its own set of challenges. Tight deadlines had to be met to obtain financing and there is also limited experience in Alberta with this distinctive building system. Luckily, WE had the ability to utilize resources from various regions and was able to engage our personnel from the BC region, whom are very skilled with the selected system.

The ZEN Redstone Townhomes project was the prototype for Avalon Master Builder in Alberta and has already sold out three of the four buildings since the project started in May.  WE is pleased to participate in the build of two more sites and looks forward to a continued relationship with Avalon Master Builder.