Control Your Colour Temperature

September 6, 2022

Award Magazine, September 2022, Laurie Jones

Designers and builders of commercial and residential projects alike are always on the lookout for technology that will save the end users money, be easy to install, and have a wow factor when anyone enters a room. Manufacturers and distributors have a good range of options to put state-of-the-art systems and trends to use and create the perfect lighting environment for clients.

Among the many projects Williams Engineering Canada has worked on in recent years, the Coronation Recreation Centre in Edmonton will be a stand-out to the community. “This is one of the biggest projects we’re working on right now because it is going to be one of North America’s only indoor velodromes,” says Ben Rajewski, engineering manager, electrical. “They can do triathlon training in the facility so all the indoor bike racing you see at the Olympics will have a training facility in Edmonton. They can also hold world-class competitions for that sport.

Lighting for the stadium is critical to broadcast the world-class competition, says Rajewski. “It needs to be extremely bright, yet still comfortable, with minimal shadowing for the riders. We also had to set up emergency battery systems so if the power went out, the lights stay on long enough for the riders to get off the track safely at their extreme speed.

He explains in addition to the indoor cycling there will be an indoor running track connected to the existing pool. “The athletes could do a full triathlon indoors.”

As far as trends go, Rajewski says it’s all about LED efficiency. “The biggest trend is controls, especially with people coming back to the office after being at home for two years. People are noticing if their lights are too bright or not bright enough. Some people are complaining about headaches due to the brightness, so we’re getting requests from clients to add additional dimming controls and zoning for their lighting so that people are more comfortable in the spaces.”

He explains that rather than individual lighting selection there will be pods of control. “If you have a big open office with, for instance, 20 desks, four desks will have their own zone of control. That way people who like a dimmer environment can sit on that side and people who like brighter lighting can sit in a different area.”

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