Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

We are a group of people that are passionate about creating a sustainable future. We believe that our collective efforts and our passion for sustainable design can have a positive impact on the environment and the future of our communities.

In today’s world designing and building sustainable infrastructure that provides a social return on investment while being both environmentally responsible and resource-efficient has become a priority. As a society, we have become more aware of how our growing need for new vertical infrastructure can impact the environment and the communities where we live, work, and play. In addition, with legislation and standards regarding new buildings constantly evolving building owners and managers need to be informed of the potential challenges that they may encounter as a result, as well as the opportunities that may be available to them moving forward.

Sustainable building design should also focus on finding ways to optimize existing infrastructure. By focusing on revitalizing and optimizing existing infrastructure building owners can realize an array of benefits that not only help reduce their impact on the environment, but also help increase their bottom line.

As a leader in sustainable design, our commitment to environmental responsibility includes analyzing energy efficiency, reducing life cycle costs and facilitating various green building certifications. Our goal is to reduce, minimize and ultimately eliminate the carbon footprint of vertical infrastructures by providing our clients with integrated design solutions for new and existing buildings while implementing responsible solutions that take into account economic, social and environmental issues.

What We Do

Energy Management & Performance Engineering

  • Energy Modeling
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Energy and Water audits
  • Commissioning, retro-commissioning, system optimization
  • Lighting simulations
  • Thermal modelling of products and systems such as determining effective insulation values and assembly performance
  • Building control system optimization

Green Building & Renewable Energy Consulting

  • Renewable Energy Systems Analysis
  • Renewable Energy System Design
  • LEED Facilitation
  • BOMA BEST Consulting
  • Energy management and efficiency training and education
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Funding and grant assistance
  • Energy Efficiency Program Development


Strategic Renewal Planning & Implementation

  • Capital Planning Advisory Services
  • Detailed engineering investigations to establish a building’s condition, identify the source of issues and/ or recommend solutions to help enhance current operational issues including:
    • Building Condition Assessments
    • Reserve Fund Studies
    • Life cycle studies and financial planning
  • Explore various options for the implementation of an engineered solution
  • Provide the necessary technical information to make a business case for projects
  • Technical services that take facility projects from conception to implementation


Energy efficiency financing and business planning services (through partnerships)

  • Energy efficiency business plans and planning
  • Partnership with Alberta and National private financing focused on energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Partnership to provide business planning services.
  • WEC is accredited to provide energy efficiency designs for privately financed energy efficiency projects
  • Guaranteed rate of return to owners from reduced energy costs
  • Real estate portfolio assessments and strategic planning

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