Fultonvale School Receives LEED® Certification

March 6, 2020

Williams Engineering Canada is excited to announce that Fultonvale School, southeast of Sherwood Park, has received LEED® Certification!

Fultonvale School is part of the Elk Island Public School Regional Schools and serves students from kindergarten to grade nine. Located in rural Alberta, the school is situated in an area surrounded by green space and nature trails that students are encouraged to utilize.

Williams Engineering Canada provided design services for structural, mechanical and electrical disciplines. An addition of 12,443 ft2 of core building space, the demolition of existing modular classroom units and replacement with new high-performance modular classroom units. Energy modelling was performed to prove compliance with LEED® Certification under the MNECB1997 standard. Modelling was done in eQuest, modelling software which was able to provide multiple design options. The modernized school facility has a total permanent space of 53,378 ft2 and a 600-student opening capacity with a 700-student future built-out capacity.

The WEC mechanical team included a variety of LEED® and other sustainable design principles and qualifications, such as:

  • Displacement ventilation
  • Efficient water consumption plumbing fixtures
  • Lighting strategy – including daylight sensors to maximize the use of natural light and occupancy sensors to reduce lighting when areas are not in use.

Fultonvale School currently serves 500 students and has the capacity to serve up to 700 students in the future. Williams Engineering Canada is grateful to have been part of the modernization initiative, as education creates diverse perspectives, which lead to diverse and innovative solutions. We look forward to taking part in future school modernizations.