Our People

All Senior Leadership Regional Leadership Building Science Business Development Electrical Mechanical Project Managers Project Controls Structural Support Team Sustainability

Aaron Berze

Structural, Calgary

Aarondeep Dhillon, Engineer-in-Training

Electrical, Vancouver

Adam Crawford, Engineer-in-Training

Building Science, Edmonton

Alexandra Adolph, P.Eng.

Engineering Manager, Structural, Calgary

Ali El Gandour, C.E.T., RRO

Team Lead, Building Science, Calgary

Alison Sadler, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Whitehorse

Allex Martin, P.Eng.

Electrical, Calgary

Amanda Brooks

Billing Clerk

Anca Cojocaru, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C

Engineering Manager, Electrical, Vancouver

Andrew Mallon, C.E.T.

Mechanical, Edmonton

Baird Williams, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Calgary

Ben Crowther, Engineer-in-Training

Mechanical, Kelowna

Ben Feltmate, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Whitehorse

Ben Ng

Team Lead, Mechanical, Vancouver

Ben Rajewski, P.Eng., LC, WELL AP

Engineering Manager, Electrical, Edmonton

Ben Savage, P.Eng.

Building Science Engineer, Calgary

Binghang Li, M.Eng., P.Eng., CPHD

Team Lead, Building Performance, Abbotsford

Brandon Morrison, P.Eng., MBA

Regional Business Manager, Vancouver

Brian George, P. Eng., FEC

Mechanical, Yellowknife

Brittany Nalder, C.E.T.

Building Science, Calgary

Bryan Yawney, B.Sc., P.Eng.

Structural, Calgary

Catherine Raitt

Executive Assistant

Chad Musselwhite, P.Eng., LEED® AP, AP BD+C

Engineering Manager, Mechanical, Edmonton

Cheryl Kosack

Project Assistant, Edmonton

Chris Gulayec

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Christopher Wright, P.Eng., MASA

Engineering Manager, Building Science, Vancouver

Cindy Sidhu, BBA

Director, Human Resources

Courtney Maddox

Senior HR Generalist

Crystal Tulioc

Electrical, Edmonton

Dan Lee, AScT, LEED® AP

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Dan Richter

Electrical, Calgary

Darcy Reid, C.E.T., LEED® AP

Structural, Calgary

Darielle Corsaro, CPA, CGA, MBA

Director, Finance & Operational Analytics

Daveed M Henriquez

Client Development Manager, Edmonton

David Folster

Project Manager, Edmonton

David Gutul

Electrical, Calgary

Derek Hendry, AScT

Team Lead, Mechanical, Abbotsford

Derek Hyde, AScT

Regional Business Manager, Kelowna

Donald Nguyen

Mechanical, Edmonton

Edwin Zander, Eng.L., AScT, LEED® AP

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Eleonora Lyrette

Accounting Clerk

Emma Hui

Project Manager, Vancouver

Erik Allen

Electrical, Edmonton

Erik Jonasson, C.E.T.

Mechanical, Calgary

Fariborz Hariri, P.Eng., HFDP

Principal Engineer, Mechanical

Frederick Takahashi

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Geoffrey Chiu, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Gillian Daley deGroot, C.E.T., LEED® AP

Mechanical, Edmonton

Glen Guo, CEA, M.Eng.

Building Performance Analyst, Vancouver

Hillary Davidson, P.Eng.

Engineering Manager, Building Science, Calgary

Innes Hood,P.Eng., M.A.Sc., MSC, BEP, LEED AP, CEM

Practice Leader, Sustainability Consultant, Vancouver

Janine Po, Engineer-in-Training

Electrical, Edmonton

Jason Gregor

Team Lead, Mechanical, Abbotsford

Jean Denis Grenon, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Calgary

Jennifer Lavier Jankovic, PMP

Client Development Manager, Calgary

Jessica Heine

Project Manager, Edmonton

Jim Gilliland, Ph.D., P.Eng., LEED® AP

Director, Engineering Services

Jim Ingram

Client Development Manager, BC Region

Joe Chao

Mechanical, Vancouver

Jordan Baker, P.Eng.

Team Lead, Structural, Edmonton

Josh Hilverda, Engineer-in-Training

Electrical, Kelowna

Josh Rostek, Engineer-in-Training

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Joshua Stark, P.Eng.

Team Lead, Mechanical, Kelowna

K M Safat Rashif, M.Eng., MBA, P.Eng., LEED Green Associate

Mechanical, Edmonton

Kathy Wong

Payroll Administrator

Katia Avalos

Human Resources Coordinator

Katrina Wilson, P.Eng., CEM

Building Performance Analyst, Edmonton

Ken Chu, C.E.T.

Mechanical, Calgary

Ken Swanson


Ken Todd

Northern Development Manager

Kerwin Dacdac

Accounting Clerk

Khalil Al-Arab, P.Eng.

Team Lead, Electrical, Prince George

Kim Dumanski

Accounting Clerk

Leo Duan

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Lindsay Austrom, P.Eng., CEM, LEED® AP BD+C

Principal Engineer, Sustainability, Edmonton

Liv Ehlert, CAPM

Team Lead, Building Performance and Sustainability, Calgary

Logan Grotkowski, P.Eng.

Electrical, Edmonton

Lucas Sargeant

Electrical, Abbotsford

Marcio Mendes

Director, Client Experience & Marketing

Mark Wrigglesworth

Regional Business Manager, Edmonton and Northern Alberta

Marla Snoddon, P.Eng.

Team Lead, Building Science, Edmonton

Mathew Lawrence

Mechanical, Kelowna

Matt Fenwick, P.Eng.

Regional Business Manager, Calgary

Matthew Osterhout

Building Science, Kelowna

Matthew Theriault, P.Tech., CAPM

Mechanical, Calgary

Michael Campbell

Structural, Edmonton

Mike Nowlan, P.Eng.

Practice Leader, Structural, Calgary

Min Gao, P.Eng., LEED AP

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Monique Moss

Team Lead, Project Controls, Calgary

Munir Karbani

Proposal Specialist

Naseem Bashir, P.Eng., ICD.D.

President & CEO

Nat Zaccaria, C.Tech.

Project Manager, Calgary

Naveed Jessani, P.Eng

Team Lead, Mechanical, Calgary

Neil Paddock, CD, C.E.T.

Project Manager, Edmonton

Pat Campion

Contract Administrator, Electrical

Patricia Malatesta

Project Coordinator, Calgary

Perry Cysouw

Contract Administrator, Mechanical, Edmonton

Peter Kouremenos

Project Coordinator, Edmonton

Petra Kitteringham

Team Lead, Project Management, Red Deer

Phuong Vo

Project Assistant, Abbotsford

Pierre LaPlante

Mechanical, Edmonton

Randy Smith, P.Eng., LEED® AP

Practice Lead, Building Science, Kelowna

Rebecca Shaak

Marketing Coordinator

Robert Abbenhuis, LEED® AP

Mechanical, Vancouver

Rufan Wang

Mechanical, Edmonton

Ryan Mansell

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Sabrina Willsey, Engineer-in-Training

Structural, Edmonton

Santiago Gomez

Director, Digital Transformation

Sarah Davies

Project Assistant, Calgary

Shandler Kohlman, C.E.T.

Building Science, Calgary

Sheldon Samborsky, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C

Team Lead, Mechanical, Edmonton

Sitara Fernandes

Manager, Strategy & Purpose

Stan Poznekoff, AScT, LEED® AP

Team Lead, Mechanical, Abbotsford

Stefanie Sun


Stella Constantin

Accounting Clerk

Steve Creamer, P.Eng

Senior Project Manager, Yellowknife

Steven Meister, B.Com

Director of Client Development & Delivery

Tasha Hueston

Project Manager, Edmonton

Terry Mullinger, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Calgary

Travis Martin, Dipl. Tech

Mechanical, Abbotsford

Trevor Murl, Arch. Tech, ARCA Accepted Inspector

Building Science, Calgary

Victor Lam, P.Eng.

Mechanical, Edmonton

Wayne Yan, P.Eng., LC

Engineering Manager, Electrical, Calgary

Yannick Letailleur, Engineer-in-Training, LEED Green Associate

Electrical, Edmonton