Artists For Kids Gallery and Education Services Centre

Artists for Kids (AFK) was established in 1989 by the North Vancouver School District, with support from various Canadian artists. Located at the Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art, AFK’s mission is to build an art education legacy for the children of British Columbia through the sale of art prints. There are several enriching programs offered for children of all ages, and AFK provides scholarships for students from North Vancouver schools, as well as raises funds for community programs and the AFK School.

Williams Engineering (WE) designed energy-efficient mechanical and plumbing systems for this 110,000-square-foot six-storey project. The systems include under-floor air distribution for office spaces, and displacement ventilation, and mission-critical environmental controls for museum restoration and display areas. We also generated documentation for the facility’s LEED® Gold certification, which included energy modelling of the district energy utility.

WE is proud to be a part of this potential LEED® Gold certified arts facility that provides resources for thousands of students each year.