Canada Post Mail System Infrastructure

Williams Engineering (WE) worked as Prime Consultant for the Operational Transitional Work and Integrated Mail Sorting System installation projects at Canada Post’s Edmonton Mail Processing Plant. We provided structural, mechanical, electrical, and cost consultant engineering services along with Bennett Architect as the architectural sub-consultant.

This project is part of Canada Post’s initiative for working at “Building the Modern Post” which involves adapting to clients’ ever-changing needs. Our multi-disciplinary engineering team was an ideal fit for work that involved the relocation of existing processes, decommissioning of service equipment, and the installation of new equipment within the revised layout of the facility.

Canada Post has been Canada’s primary mail carrier since it was founded in 1867. On any given day, the Crown Corporation is delivering 40 million pieces of mail across the country. As the seventh largest employer in Canada and the 46 largest Canadian company, Canada Post ensures that customer service is of the utmost importance to the organization which means that construction time on new outlets must be kept to a minimum.

Our initial work involved clearing and preparing identified areas of the processing plant and then moving processes into these spaces. It meant that items that would be better situated closer together could be moved closer together; it also allowed older and obsolete equipment to be removed or replaced. The reorganization of the space has provided Canada Post with a more efficient plant.

The project was carefully planned and executed to ensure that mail production was not affected. As each new space became free, Canada Post moved in and began utilizing that space, opening another space for transitional work. WE’s integrated design approach included input from all stakeholders to ensure Canada Post’s timelines were achieved.