Brewery District

The Brewery District is a 9-acre, master planned, sustainable, intelligently conceived work/live/play community located in New Westminster. Located at the Sapperton Sky Train Station this district is dynamic and progressive offering a mix of residential high-rises, shops and office buildings. Williams Engineering Canada Inc. (WEC) worked with Wesgroup Properties LP on three residential high rise buildings and provided mechanical systems design for each building.

Building Four is the first building WEC is designing for this multi-unit residential project. It consists of a 15-storey with 114 units which include five townhome units in the residential high-rise on top of three levels of underground parking. There is a 5,400 ft2 amenity space on the ground floor, which includes a gym, squash court, dance/yoga studio, change rooms, sauna & steam room, lounge and meeting room areas. The amenity spaces are ventilated through a central heat recovery ventilator (HRV) unit and heating/cooling provided through dedicated split DX fancoil units connected to remote heat pumps and fancoils provided with back up electric heating elements. Building Five consists of an 18-storey, 187 unit residential rental building on top of three levels of underground parking. Building Six’s design is running concurrently with Building 5 and consists of a 26-storey, 205 unit residential strata over four levels of underground parking and includes two townhome units.

WEC was responsible for the plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection system designs. The suite heating systems consist of electric baseboard heaters with individual room control. The ventilation design for all three towers includes below grade stair and vestibule pressurization and emergency generator ventilation systems. Corridor ventilation is provided through a high efficiency natural gas fired rooftop outdoor air unit located on the roof of each building. Individual suite ventilation is provided through a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that provides continuous ventilation for living spaces while pre-heating the outdoor air and allowing for increased energy savings and improved air quality. Switches are provided at each washroom area to increase HRV fan speed and ventilation rate for a timed sequence.  Exhaust ducting for the suites is located in the concrete slab to balcony soffit discharges. Supplemental ventilation systems for storage and electrical rooms were provided using exhaust fans and split system air-conditioning units. The parkade ventilation system is controlled by carbon monoxide ventilation sensors connected to propeller exhaust and supply fans.

Hot and cold domestic water distribution was accomplished through a centralized piping network including booster pumps, multiple pressure zones, drawdown tanks, isolating heat exchangers, high efficiency condensing gas water heaters and a zoned recirculation system. Due to height of the building and low available water pressure, the fire suppression system also included a fire pump and standby/jockey pump. WEC is excited to provide services for the brewery district’s high rise buildings. Construction is estimated to be completed by June of 2019 and will fill a growing demand for residential properties in western Canada.