Hudson Walk Two

Located in the Hudson District of downtown Victoria this 16 storey mixed use rental tower boasts 100, one & two bedroom apartment suites and six ground floor townhomes. There is a two level parkade with access from Hudson Walk One, phase one of the Hudson Development.

Williams Engineering (WE) supplied mechanical design services for this project which included heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire protection. The residential suites are heated by electric baseboard and the ventilation is provided by in-suite central supply fan with distributed supply air and exhaust fan connected to a 24 hour time clock. The commercial space is heated and air conditioned by DX split system heat pumps and fan coils. Exterior building louvers are provided as a base building installation for ventilation requirements in the commercial areas. Corridor pressurization is provided on each floor by a roof top air handling unit utilizing a gas fire indirect heat exchanger to provide tempered air. Requirements for high rise building smoke control ventilation system are designed to include vestibule and stair pressurization, and emergency generator ventilation. Domestic hot water to all residential units is provided by a central boiler & storage tank system. Domestic hot water recirculation systems are provided to maintain water temperatures and are designed with a series of direct contact plate-and-frame heat exchangers to control pressure zones for high rise requirements. Plumbing is designed for all residential fixtures, roof and site drainage requirements. Plumbing rough-in services are designed for the commercial spaces for the future connection by tenants. A performance specification sprinkler system & fire pump is designed to meet NFPA-13 requirements.

Through the combined use of quality technical resources and support systems WE is proud to have delivered engineering services that meet the needs of the Townline Group in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We are excited to continue work on the Hudson Development with construction expected to be complete by the end of 2017.