Discovery Bay Resort

Discovery Bay Resort is a waterfront property located in the heart of downtown Kelowna surrounded by beaches, boardwalks and parks. This luxury resort offers stunning views of the city, mountains and Okanagan Lake and within walking distance of cafes, shops, museums and restaurants.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services to install of new air-cooled chillers at Discovery Bay Resort. The chillers were interfaced directly to the glycol loop, effectively eliminating the need for dedicated cooling heat pumps and geothermal fields. By connecting the bank of chillers to a singular point, the chillers will benefit the entire building cooling system. The advantage of this approach is that the life cycle dependability of the cooling systems will be improved, eliminating the dependency upon the geothermal systems that had reached their end of service life. Identifying an appropriate location for the new chiller while maintaining the property’s exterior appeal was one of the challenges the design team had to overcome. The chosen location required a new structural stand to be installed above the south parkade entrance, between two of the residential towers.

The addition of air-cooled chillers at Discovery Bay Resort lowers the maintenance and operating cost of the property, eliminates costs associated with increased water usage and increases the system’s overall performance during winter months. This approach also increases sustainability by reducing water waste. Discovery Bay is one of Kelowna’s best first-class options for luxury accommodations while providing guests with plenty of entertainment venues, outdoor activities and a relaxing setting to unwind and enjoy the hotel’s panoramic views.