Eastgate Environment Canada Offices

The Eastgate Environment Canada office, located in southeast Edmonton, Alberta, is a remarkable LEED® Gold Certified three-storey structure with approximately 77,920 square feet of suburban office development space and a Public Works and Government Services Centre tenant fit-up area which includes a data centre.

The building was designed using an innovative HVAC system to support the pursuit of LEED® Gold certification. The project includes a large weather office with digital workstations for weather analysts. Each of these workstations contains several computer screens to monitor, analyze and interpret incoming technical data, which has a great impact on public safety and the economy.

The indoor environment was designed to support the execution of high-stress, time-sensitive tasks by highly-skilled personnel. It was essential to design a comfortable work space despite the presence of high-density computers and electronic equipment. The design and construction team required a high level of collaboration to deliver the design and construction of this complex project over several overlapping phases.

The building uses fundamental sustainable design principles which take advantage of southern solar exposure and a green development site. This site has western Canada’s largest solar panel array with 640 module solar panels installed.

We are proud to be a part of this project as mechanical design consultants for both the base building and the tenant improvement.