Edmonds Centre for Healthy Communities

Serving the South East quadrant of Burnaby, British Columbia, the Edmonds Centre for Healthy Communities is an 8,000 square foot primary care facility offering virtual and in-person appointments. As part of an essential new network of primary and urgent care centres across Metro Vancouver, this facility provides critical healthcare services   to a community that experiences high levels of congestion in emergency and primary care settings. The building consists of several exam and consult rooms, medication rooms and storage, workstations, group therapy space and communal areas.

With Chernoff Thompson Architects as the prime consultant, Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical and electrical services for the construction of the Edmonds Centre for Healthy Communities. HVAC, plumbing and fire suppression systems were designed by WE with intermittent site reviews during the installation of mechanical and electrical systems to demonstrate conformance with the approved design. Designs for electrical power, lighting, emergency, fire alarm, security and A/V systems were provided by WE’s electrical team. Mechanical and electrical design drawings and specification packages were also prepared for the building permit application, tender and construction phases of the project. WE’s designs were all developed to comply with components of CSA-Z317, CSA-Z32 and various associated provincial healthcare standards.

The Government of British Columbia has committed to connecting more people in B.C. communities with accessible and timely health services. With residents finding difficulties in accessing health, wellness and primary care resources, additional facilities fill the need for interdisciplinary healthcare teams with the ability to see patients as soon as the need arises. The Edmonds Centre for Healthy Communities is a critical component in ensuring improved care, accessibility and increased patient hours through B.C.’s growing network of primary and urgent care facilities.