Fish Creek Exchange

Located in South West Calgary, Fish Creek Exchange is a master-planned community of condominiums and townhomes. Fish Creek Park is located beside the community and is one of Canada’s biggest urban parks, stretching over 19 kms. The area speaks to outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy convenience accompanied by an urban spark.

Over the course of the last two years, the Williams Engineering (WE) building science team worked on building one, building two, and the townhome portions of the project. The goal was to create safe and sustainable residential buildings, that performed well over the long term and would not deteriorate prematurely. WE provided a review of the building envelope specifications and drawings, including building envelope systems, material compatibility, and constructability. On-site reviews, including mock-ups of critical details, were conducted throughout the construction process to ensure sound building envelope detailing was completed and close adherence to the design drawings and specifications was achieved.

Due to the local ground water conditions, a full height exterior water proofing system of the foundation was put in place.  As well, a robust below-grade water management system was designed to keep water away from the foundation wall.  The combination of the two systems made for an effective water proofing system.  As the project was completed over a number of years, winter construction was required. Detailed knowledge of the building envelope systems, constructability, and especially material limitations was required to ensure project deadlines were met.

Overall, the project was a success due to the ongoing communication between the design and constructions teams, diligent work to come up with sound building envelope designs and solutions and the commitment by all parties to a long term durable residential/commercial complex. The sustainable condominiums and townhomes continue to serve the Fish Creek Exchange community and offers urban and outdoor lifestyle options that create the best of both worlds for all residents.