Glarea Elevated Learning

Connected to Excellent Ice Arena, Glarea Elevated Learning (Glarea) is a newly opened private school for students in kindergarten to grade five located in central Surrey, British Columbia. With multiple in-house hockey rinks and a strong commitment to various sports and arts programs, Glarea offers a unique take on the modern school system that supports all of their programs by implementing new technology and learning techniques to help each student pursue their individual purpose. This project included a renovation of the existing Excellent Ice Arena, modifying roughly 7,700 square feet of existing space to Glarea classrooms and functional space, as well as an upgrade the commercial kitchen.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical consulting engineering services for the renovation of Excellent Ice Arena and the addition of Glarea Elevated Learning.  WE’s mechanical design included drawings and field reviews of the HVAC systems, fire protection systems, and plumbing systems, including drainage systems, water distribution, natural gas, and domestic hot/cold water systems.  The HVAC systems incorporated the use of waste heat from the ice plant, heat recovery of building exhaust and relief air to heating and chilled water systems, as well as displacement ventilation air distribution.

Further expansion on Glarea is expected in the near future as the school continues to grow and open applications to students up to Grade 12.  A challenge-based learning approach with a strong emphasis on STEM education equips Glarea’s students with essential skills to overcome challenges, create innovative paths to success and become productive, active members of their communities.