Jacksonport Commercial Development

The Jacksonport Commercial Development consists of five individual buildings conveniently located off Country Hills Boulevard in northeast Calgary, Alberta. The site includes industrial and retail space and is currently the only retail plaza with direct right-in, wing-out access off Country Hills Boulevard. This development is in a premium location for both tenants and customers in the area.

As the structural and electrical consultants on this new construction, Williams Engineering (WE) performed a full review of the site and applicable drawings for the project. WE provided design services relating to the foundations, floors, roof framing, lighting and site services, emergency power and completed reviews of the building envelope and roofing detail drawings provided by the Architect.

Providing the proper electrical service, specifically in building E, which consists of a 2-level building with specialized medical offices and a daycare on the second floor, proved to be one of the largest challenges of this project. Through proper coordination and adequate meetings with the Owner, WE was able to clearly determine the exact requirements and successfully included them in our design. The short design timeline for this development was an additional challenge that WE overcame through our commitment to our work plan and  unique design process. This process allows us to gather all relevant and critical information at an early stage. This project was completed in multiple phases, meaning our design had to accommodate the completion of each phase, ensuring the services were properly provided and operational before moving forward to the next phase.

This commercial space is now operational and provides services and retail opportunities to the surrounding communities in the Calgary area. WE is pleased to have contributed  to this  project and strives to continue providing detailed, driven results for retail spaces across Canada.