Mahogany at Mill Lake

Developed by Quantum Properties, Mahogany at Mill Lake is a luxury condominium located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. This 27 storey, mixed use tower and four-storey multi-unit residence, features a club room with full kitchen, an entertainment patio space with BBQ, a private lobby, two guest suites, a workshop, an indoor swimming pool and fitness room which include change rooms and showers. The first three floors are dedicated to commercial space and accommodate coffee shops, medical and other professional offices.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided schematic design, design development, complete electrical permit and construction documents and specifications for the Mahogany.

The building’s electrical systems include a dual voltage unit substation with generator emergency power for life-safety and stand by loads. Distribution was split to account for house loads, suite loads, amenity loads and office/CRU tenant loads. Lighting was designed to be cost effective in capital planning, ongoing operation and maintenance. Amenities such as a shared pool, exercise room and electric vehicle recharging stations were also included.

Life safety systems include a CACF and fire alarm speakers for high-rise building requirements. Exit signs were considered to match appropriate ID finishes. Data/Tel/CATV/Enterphone were coordinated and provided to suites, tenants and administrative areas.  Exterior lighting for façades and surface parking was also designed  using IESNA recommended practices and lighting calculations. Security rough-in requirements were provided in consultation with the client.

The mechanical design services for this project include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection. The building’s heating and air-conditioning is provided by a six pipe geothermal source chiller plant with boiler and fluid cooler back-up. The apartments, office space, retail space and amenity space are heated and air conditioned by a four pipe fan coil system. Fresh air ventilation requirements for the residential units and amenity areas are achieved by an insulated outdoor air duct connected directly to the return of each fan, coupled with a continuously operating system fan to circulate air to all regular occupied spaces. Exterior building louvers are provided as a base building installation for ventilation requirements in the commercial and retail areas. Corridor pressurization is provided on each floor by a roof top air handling unit utilizing a four pipe heating and chilled water system to provide year round tempered air. Requirements for high-rise building ventilation include smoke control systems, vestibule and stair pressurization systems and emergency generator ventilation systems.

Plumbing is designed for all residential fixtures, commercial tenant washrooms, roof and site drainage requirements. Plumbing rough-in services are designed for the commercial and retail spaces for the future connection by tenants. The performance specification sprinkler system and fire pump is designed to meet NFPA 13 requirements. All residential units include environmentally friendly features such as geothermal heating and cooling and energy efficient glazing.

Mahogany at Mill Lake drastically changes Abbotsford’s skyline and adds premium living and commercial spaces to families and individuals in the Abbotsford community.