Pakan Elementary & Junior High School BCA & Mechanical Upgrade

Located 200 kilometers north of Edmonton, Alberta, on the Whitefish Lake First Nation #128, the Goodfish Lake Pakan Elementary and Junior High School aims to prepare their diverse student population with knowledge and skills for future challenges. Originally constructed in 1978, the school is a single-storey facility with a partial mezzanine level and a combined floor area of roughly 38,665 square feet.

Partnering with Archiasmo Architectural Works, Williams Engineering (WE) provided structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services to complete a building condition assessment (BCA) at Pakan Elementary and Junior High School. A review of the available engineering drawings, specifications and reports were completed prior to WE’s visual walkthrough. During the walkthrough, WE team members identified the condition of the mechanical, structural and electrical components observed on site, including age, description and any indications of deterioration or operational concern.

After careful consideration, the school decided to move forward with recommended mechanical upgrades identified in WE’s BCA report. These upgrades will include the repairs to several air handling units (AHUs) servicing classrooms, administrative spaces and the gymnasium. Heating water pumps, expansion tanks and  related accessories, such as air separators and pot feeders, will be replaced. Controls for the boilers, valves and pumps will also be upgraded as part of the project.

The mechanical upgrades, once completed for Pakan Elementary and Junior High School, will provide enhanced comfort and control over the temperature and ventilation throughout the building. This work will result in improved air filtration, thermal control and insulation, effectively reducing operating costs and allowing students to focus on learning and connecting with one another.