LNG Canada Modular Buildings

Located on traditional Haisla Nation territory in Kitimat, British Columbia, the Kitimat LNG (liquified natural gas) project is a world-class liquefaction and marine export facility at the head of the Douglas Channel. The facility is provided with its large natural gas supply by the Liard and Horn River basins in northeastern British Columbia. The plant is projected to become the world’s first all-electric LNG facility with the lowest emissions intensity of any facility of its size.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided prime engineering consulting services, including acting as Wasco’s Canadian Signing and Sealing Engineers for the structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services on the Kitimat LNG project. This project included the construction of three large-scale modular, prefabricated industrial buildings accommodating critical LNG infrastructure and an additional ASD building. The buildings feature a sophisticated fire and gas alarm system and reliable power distribution system comprised of normal, emergency and UPS power. As Wasco’s engineering team was unfamiliar with Canadian engineering standards and practices, WE completed the reviews of 60% and 100% mechanical and electrical drawings for the full buildings, along with a review of the specifications, equipment lists and control sequences. The structural design incorporated many loading scenarios, including environmental loading in the construction yard, sea transportation, land transportation and final in-situ design loading, including seismic considerations and high snow loading. Crane impact and thermal loading were also considered in the design. In addition, WE also provided structural engineering services to obtain the necessary CSA-A660 certification.

As the prime consultant, WE led the communication with the entire project team. Communication required consistent engagement with various stakeholders, including the yard engineering team, construction team, EPC engineering team and the end client. Once completed, this landmark project will be Canada’s largest private sector investment and the first Canadian LNG export facility to date. This world-class facility is critical to fueling Canada’s economic advancement while contributing to environmental responsibility within the energy and resource sector.