Q at Sage Hill

The Q at Sage Hill is a new multi-family apartment and condominium development located in the northwest community of Sage Hill in Calgary, Alberta. This development uniquely combines the convenient urban lifestyle, with over 240,000 sq. ft. of retail space as the centerpiece of the complex, and the affordability of living in Calgary’s suburbs.  This project consists of five and six-story wood-framed residential blocks seated on a two-level below-grade parkade with two commercial retail single-story buildings located at the front of the site.

Williams Engineering (WE) is currently providing cost-effective structural and building envelope consulting engineering services for this new construction development. WE’s building science team is providing technical consulting services including reviews and recommendations to the architect’s building envelope and roofing detail drawings. The structural design of these buildings entailed designs for the grade-supported and structural floors, roof framing and vertically bearing walls. WE is also performing building envelope, foundation waterproofing and roofing system site reviews during the construction of this site, which are to include pre-final and final inspections when required.

With the residential and commercial spaces designed in harmony, the Q is expected to become a social hub of northwest Calgary, giving residents the space and opportunity to connect while enjoying the endless amenities of Sage Hill. Our team was fortunate to partner with Morrison Homes during the design of this project, and we look forward to seeing the finished complex once construction is completed in 2023.