Riverview Tower Parkade Restoration

With a convenient location in Edmonton, Alberta, close to Jasper Avenue, local grocers, fine dining options and public transportation, Riverview Towers, originally constructed in 1969, is a high-rise residential building that provides tenants with a central location and breathtaking river valley views. This concrete building sits at 18-stories high consisting of 132 apartment-style condominiums, and features exercise space, two levels of heated below-grade parking and an exterior visitor parking area. Entry to the underground parking is provided by two concrete ramps.

During the parkade restoration project, the west ramp was found to be in a deteriorated condition. This resulted in a complete complex ramp replacement. In the cold climate of Alberta’s winter, salt used on roadways is retained by vehicles entering the parkade through snow and ice. After the melting process occurs, porous concrete inevitably allows water to penetrate through, resulting in the development of corrosion. Over time, the concrete reinforcing steel corrodes. This deterioration eventually leads to weakened structures if left unattended.

After reviewing all available drawings and documents, Williams Engineering (WE) prepared detailed repair work specifications to outline the methods and materials intended for the required replacement. Once tender documents were submitted to select bidders, the Board of Owners chose a contractor.  During the construction administration phase of the project, WE prepared the CCDC2 contract, reviewed progress claims and provided recommendations for payment. To ensure the highest quality of restoration work, WE conducted regular quality assurance reviews as well as the final observation review.

With parking structures and exterior parking areas representing a major cost for any condominium complex, the guidance and evaluation from skilled consultants become highly important to protect these investments. This restoration has been a great contributor to the safety and resiliency of the Riverview Towers, ensuring the structure can perform at its greatest efficiency for its residents and the environment.