Southeast Urgent and Primary Care Centre

The new Southeast Urgent and Primary Care Centre (SE UPCC) provides essential support to servicing the healthcare needs of the communities in South Vancouver. Although the facility does not replace emergency care or family physicians, the SE UPCC ensures patients who  require care within 12-24 hours with non-life-threatening conditions can be seen and receive treatment within an appropriate time period. The SE UPCC is also an excellent resource for patients who do not currently have a primary care physician or as an alternative when a family physician is unavailable.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided electrical and mechanical consulting engineering services for the SE UPCC, including demolition plans prior to the required tenant improvements of approximately 5,900 square feet of space. WE’s design included mechanical HVAC and plumbing systems, electrical power and lighting, emergency lighting, exit signs and fire suppression systems to suit the building’s new layout plan.  Mechanical and electrical design drawings were provided for permit, tender and construction purposes with AutoCAD, including related specifications. The project was designed to be compliant with components of CSA-Z317 and CSA-Z32 in addition to various associated healthcare standards.

The SE UPCC is located conveniently close to public transit routes, laboratory testing facilities and pharmacies, ensuring patients have access to additional services if required or requested. This new healthcare facility improves public health within South Vancouver by connecting patients with access to urgent and primary care services, minimizing wait times and ensuring patients receive the most efficient and effective care possible.