Southridge Emergency Services Building

The South Ridge Emergency Services Building provides space for the local fire department, RCMP, and civic emergency services in Okotoks. The project was a competitive design-build intended to emphasize sustainable design measures that significantly reduce life cycle costs for the Town of Okotoks.

We partnered with IBI Group to ensure our design took advantage of a superior performance building envelope and superior and efficient space lighting installations. The indoor central air handling installations enable fewer and simpler HVAC systems that incorporate more robust equipment of higher quality and longer lifespan. This remains the first measure for ensuring a reduced life cycle cost.

The design also incorporated highly reliable components that allow for less overall maintenance. By avoiding highly complex mechanical installations, our designs respond congruently with operability and limited required intervention by operators.

The electronic building automation system (BAS) enables space comfort conditions, and HVAC system operations can be monitored remotely, ensuring a minimum of disruptions as a result of malfunctions.

Our mechanical designs incorporated sustainable features that far exceeded the energy efficiency objective set out by the owner. The project is now complete and is recognized as a LEED Gold building.