The Gardens

The Gardens is a luxury development along a 12 acre community garden in South Richmond. It is comprised of 1 ten storey (Dahlia) and 1 eight storey (Calla) mid-rise buildings and three separate townhome units (Jasmine), all built over a common parkade. This latest innovative development is within walking distance to shops, restaurants and amenities and is only a short drive to downtown Richmond.

Williams Engineering (WE) supplied mechanical design services for two midrise buildings which included heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection. The buildings heating and air-conditioning system is provided by distributed heat pumps with a central fluid cooler and boiler plant. Each suite is designed with one to two heat pumps which provide heating and air conditioning to each occupied room through a ducted distribution system. Fresh air ventilation requirements for the residential units is achieved by an insulated outdoor air duct connected directly to the return of each heat pump, coupled with a continuously operating system fan to circulate air to all regular occupied spaces. Corridor pressurization is provided on each floor by a roof top air handling unit utilizing an indirect gas fired heat exchanger to provide tempered air. Requirements for midrise building smoke control systems is designed to include ventilation for vestibules, stair pressurization and the emergency generator room. Domestic hot water to all residential units is provided by a central boiler with a storage tank system and a recirculation system to ensure domestic hot water is provided to all fixtures. Plumbing is designed for all residential fixtures, roof and site drainage requirements. A performance specification for the fire protection system was provided to meet NFPA-13 requirements.

Each of the townhomes is heated and air conditioned by a stand-alone dx split system heat-pump and fan coil system.  A ducting distribution system is provided throughout the unit to provide conditioned air to each living space and an outdoor air duct is connected to the return side of the heat pump to provide ventilation requirements. Plumbing systems are design for all fixtures & roof drainage requirements.

The Gardens will be a welcomed development to the South Richmond area, combining urban accessibility with the convenience of village amenities, providing residents with commercial and retail shopping without jeopardizing the lush landscaped scenery.