Varsity Acres School

Williams Engineering (WE) was pleased to be the prime consultant for the Varsity Acres School upgrades project while providing structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consulting services. Our work included professional design services for the replacement/upgrade of the existing three cast iron hydronic sectional boilers to a central heating plant and all associated components that served both the building perimeter heat and ventilation system.

The current system consisted of two boilers serving the perimeter heating (water), and one boiler providing heating (glycol) for the ventilation unit. WE provided a new design to have backup capabilities and provided a solution to achieve a nighttime setback for the new heating plant without having any adverse effect to the system.

There were two main challenges that WE faced while working on the Varsity Acres School project. Firstly, the time restraints were tight as this project needed to be completed during the summer months so that there was no disruption to classes. WE was able to start the project two weeks before the school year concluded and was able to get the boilers operational for the beginning of the new school year. The second challenge was the small room that the boilers were located in; WE was required to come up with innovative ideas on how the new system could fit into the tight space.

Working directly with the Calgary Board of Education during the design and construction phases of this project, WE was able to come in on time and on budget. WE is proud to have been a part of this project and is looking forward to continuing working with the Calgary Board of Education in the future.