Town of Faro Firehall & Public Works Office

The Town of Faro and the Yukon Government are working together to construct a new multi-purpose municipal facility that combines the fire hall and public works buildings. The new facility will be constructed adjacent to the existing public works building and is following a design-bid-build delivery approach. This development replaces the existing fire hall that the municipality plans to re-purpose as a training facility amongst other various uses. The structure will include various vehicle bays, offices, meeting rooms, storage, a morgue and decontamination areas and will provide space for essential public works and fire response equipment and staff.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided electrical engineering consulting services and designs for the new building, which includes 3,600 square meters of site development and a new consolidated building of 1,400 square meters. Electrical designs for the main building’s power services, distribution system, lighting systems, auxiliary power, emergency systems and security systems were provided by WE in addition to coordination between the consulting team and Yukon Energy.

Combining these critical fire response and public works buildings into one consolidated facility provides ample benefits for the municipality and community. This project will ensure resources are efficiently distributed into one building instead of two and is specifically designed to mitigate heat and energy loss, resulting in energy use reductions and a minimized carbon footprint.