Valley Green Condominium Restoration

Valley Green Condominiums is a 54-unit development, located in the Boyle Street neighbourhood. Boyle Street is an older area, located in eastern downtown Edmonton just outside of the inner city.

Williams Engineering (WE) was engaged to address structural concerns related to water infiltration and other issues such as ceiling/floor settling in certain units in addition to the required building envelope consulting engineering services. Our building science team provided a new design for the entire building, with a rain screen system to manage moisture issues and to protect the underlying structural elements of the structure. With the help of a contractor, the existing cladding was removed to expose underlying elements to determine the extent of the damage to the main building.

Throughout the project, the greatest challenge was working on a tight budget. With the unit prices provided during the tender phase, and working together with the contractor, our teams kept track of unforeseen conditions and kept construction costs low to help prevent an overrun in expenses.

The ultimate success of this project was met by close monitoring of the work in progress, timeline and budgets. As well, change orders and overruns helped keep track of any issues encountered along the way. Several meetings were required with the client and board to provide updates regarding both the structural and building envelope repairs. Clear and continuous communication was practiced throughout design to construction between WE, the client and the contractor.

Valley Green condominiums is now structurally sound and safe for all current and future tenants. Williams Engineering is glad to have owned the outcome, while providing economical solutions to benefit the community.