Webber House

Webber House is located in Wesbrook Village, an area designed for University of British Columbia (UBC) faculty and staff housing. This six-storey residential building offers a unique collection of one, two, three and four bedroom units, to accommodate various types of families. The development is a 45,000 ft2, wood framed residential rental complex built over top of a two level underground parking garage. The building is set within fully landscaped green spaces and is steps away from the Wesbrook Community Centre. UBC applies Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP) Gold standards to all of their residential properties. REAP ensures lower consumption of water, energy, resources, and higher quality indoor environments and construction practices.

Williams Engineering (WE) supplied mechanical design services for Webber House which included heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire protection. The building heating systems is provided by the UBC District Energy System (DES) plant. The heating in each unit is a radiant floor system and the domestic hot water is provided by a storage tank generation system with domestic hot water recirculation to ensure hot water is provided at all plumbing fixtures. Corridor ventilation is provided by an air handling unit with a hot water coil located on the roof. Each unit is equipped with a Central Recirculation Ventilation (CRV) system for continuous ventilation. Plumbing is designed for all residential fixtures, roof and site drainage requirements. A performance specification sprinkler system is designed to meet NFPA-13 requirements to ensure tenants safety.

Webber House is one of many residential housing developments being built for the University of British Columbia faculty and staff. WE is pleased to contribute to the greater initiative of providing sustainable housing solutions for UBC residents and their families.