Stanton House

The Stanton House development consists of two 5-storey residential buildings, containing 1 and 2 bedroom units featuring spacious floor plans, gourmet kitchens, scenic balconies and onsite fitness centre, all built over an underground parking garage. The development is conveniently located close to Cottonwood and Burquitlam Parks, Skytrain Stations, Simon Fraser University and Douglas College.

Williams Engineering (WE) supplied mechanical design services for this project which included heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire protection. The residential suites are heated by electric baseboard and the ventilation is provided by an in-suite 2-speed exhaust fan and passive outdoor air intake located in each bedroom and living area. Corridor pressurization is provided on each floor by a roof top air handling unit utilizing a gas fire indirect heat exchanger to provide tempered air. Domestic hot water to all residential units is provided by a central boiler and storage tank system. Domestic hot water recirculation systems are provided to maintain hot water temperatures at plumbing fixtures. Plumbing is designed for all residential fixtures, roof and site drainage requirements.  A performance specification sprinkler system is designed to meet NFPA-13 requirements.