Booster Juice

Since 1999, Booster Juice has shaken the traditional idea of unhealthy fast food and shaped it into an opportunity to bring the world a tasty, but healthy, drink. Self proclaimed to have pioneered the “superfood” movement, Booster Juice focuses on providing customers with a healthy alternative to fast food which not only includes delicious smoothies but also energizing greens, paninis, quesadillas, and wraps.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Williams Engineering Canada (WEC) has provided the mechanical and electrical engineering services for 93 new Booster Juice stores across Western Canada. The mechanical system design includes the design of the kitchen plumbing, grease trap and ventilation requirements. The mechanical design is specifically catered to Booster Juice equipment and systems. Mechanical also provides the HVAC and plumbing requirements for the store as a whole. The WEC electrical team provided power to the kitchen equipment, power and data to the digital menu signage, as well as lighting and life safety system designs for the entire store. Each jurisdiction has different code requirements that require our team’s expertise to review and revise the design to meet these needs.

Being a trailblazer in the Canadian juice industry, Booster Juice uses innovative kitchen equipment to develop its smoothie sensations. Williams Engineering Canada is proud to have provided mechanical and electrical support for these machines and franchisee spaces. As an award-winning company whose popularity continues to soar, Booster Juice is well on its way to boosting its customer’s health by developing wholesome and inventive smoothies that entice the nation. Williams Engineering Canada looks forward to continuing the relationship with this leading-edge organization.