2 Town Centre

The River District community development is located along the Fraser River, south of Marine Drive and west of Boundary Road. It boasts 130 acres of park like community living with a 5 kilometre riverfront pathway, 25 acres of park space, sports fields, 4 daycare centres, a new elementary school and a waterfront community centre. Once the community is complete it will offer its own European-style pedestrian only town centre to support the new residents with shops, restaurants, banks, grocery stores and the basic conveniences of a small town. Within the River District is 2 Town Centre which is a five storey mixed use commercial/residential building with four stories of residential condominiums built above a single storey of commercial retail space, all set on top of a concrete underground parkade structure.

Williams Engineering Canada (WEC) provided the mechanical, plumbing and fire protection designs for this mixed use residential project. The entire development is serviced by a District Energy Utility System (DEU) and the building systems design includes water source heat pumps for the commercial level and radiant floor heating systems for the residential levels.  A closed circuit fluid cooler provides heat rejection for the commercial level heat pumps with the DEU system providing the heating source for the heat pump loop. The residential units are fed from a separate radiant floor heating system which extracts thermal energy from the DEU system via a heat exchanger in a central mechanical room.  Thermal energy for domestic hot water heating is also provided from a connection to the DEU via a separate heat exchanger in the central mechanical room.  Corridor ventilation is provided by a dedicated make up air unit located on the roof with residential suite ventilation satisfied by individual passive intake grilles at the exterior walls of each suite.

As one of the largest waterfront developments in the Vancouver area, WEC is pleased to provide services for the up and coming community. River District anticipates construction and community development to be completed in the next 15 to 20 years.