Yellowknife City Hall Lobby and Council Chambers

Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical, electrical and structural engineering services for the renovations of Yellowknife’s City Hall lobby, Council Chamber, and reception area to the Mayor’s office. Yellowknife’s City Hall is centrally located in the downtown core along Frame Lake.

This project was completed by the WE team in four phases: the chamber’s construction, the construction of the customer service area, the construction of the Mayor’s reception, and the construction of the main floor.

Our electrical engineering services included power, lighting, communications, and life safety systems for renovations and upgrades in the lobby and Council Chamber. Improving the energy efficiency of the existing lighting in the lobby and Council Chambers was a critical design element. The calculated energy savings were up to 35 percent by reducing the number of light fixtures and using energy-efficient fluorescent. Wireless lighting controls were used as an innovative solution to address individual lighting needs.

Our mechanical engineering services included modifications to the heating and ventilation systems within the Council Chamber to accommodate an updated layout that was more flexible and versatile, allowing the room to be used for more types of events and meetings. The lobby was renovated to provide a safe, secure, functional, and aesthetically appealing central area for the interaction of the in-person services available at City Hall. Mechanical engineering services also included designing plumbing changes to the lobby area to accommodate a new washroom off of the lobby.